Security & Surveillance

Transmit fast and reliable Voice+Video over IP
(VVOIP)data from centralized location to your remote last mile.

Transaction Networks

Acquire a wireless 'leased line'-type dedicated
connections between data center and all
designated branches throughout the country.

Internet Access

With advance packet filtering & QoS
technology, we deliver fast internet access
to your homes, offices or campuses.

Telemetry & SCADA

We provide automated communication systems that
allow data to be collected remotely and transmitted
electronically over long distances.

Managed Backbone Capacity

We Deliver High-Speed Capacities
ranging from 300Mbps-100Gbps over
microwave radio technology.

WAN-MPLS Connectivity

Build your Wide Area Network on our MPLS-VPN
infrastructure, and experience any-to-any connection
to your multiple sites.