Our Mission:

Innovative Data Network Solutions in Africa.

Our Vision:

Dominant in Africa providing locally assembled wireless devices, large scale POS/Payment systems/telemetry networks and on-line educational resources for schools.

Our Strategy:

Innovate solutions using deep local knowledge, Train high skilled local manpower, Partner with Racom - experienced wireless equipment manufacturer - to deliver on local equipment assembly and wide area network deployment, Lead open source development of Javelin for on-line educational resources for schools, Free installation of Javelin in primary and secondary schools.

The Journey So far


Our Principles, Beliefs and Values:

Build a profitable data telecommunication business through innovation rooted in local knowledge, honesty, diligence, professionalism, and a can-do-it spirit; enable schools in Africa benefit from our success through a clearly beneficial social responsibility program for on-line access to educational resources.

Our History:

Arrow Network Systems, Ltd. is a limited liability company incorporated in Ghana in November, 2000. Arrow is owned by local Ghanaian technicians and entrepreneurs and their Czech Republican counterparts. Arrow was duly registered as a foreign direct investor in Ghana by the Ghana Free Zones Board in January, 2001, when it managed to attract direct foreign investor participation to achieve its goals and objectives. Arrow is duly registered and recognized by the National Communications Authority of Ghana as a Data Network Provider and granted licensed wireless spectrum for the provision of private data networks for its clients. The National Communications Authority and the Ghana Standards Board have both duly registered and permitted Arrow to assemble wireless modem devices locally.

Present & Future

The primary objective of Arrow is to innovate, design and build faster mobile data network services using wireless technologies to the success of our customers, the local assembly and supply of wireless data modems and the provision of public and private data networks for remote data processing, Ip Networks, MPLS VPN, provision of Data Center Management Disaster Recovery Services, WAN & WiFi, Internet Access, Due to Arrow’s direct access to Racom’s technology and experts, it offers highly competitive pricing and good professionalism and expertise in its market segment. Arrow forms partnership s with other companies to enable the provision of total ICT solutions. Arrow’s partnership with Racom allows us to have access to technical expertise, training and direct manufacturer access. Recently developed partnerships with Globacom, AirtelTigo allow us to provide primary and backup WAN services. Partnership with Veeam and Silver Peak to provide Disaster Recovery services and SD WAN solutions respectively. These partnerships allow us to provide special bundle prices with partnership systems. It is also our objective to build high-speed national backbone links to enable the provision of private and independent data networks in all parts of the country, and export these skills and technologies to other parts of Africa, beginning with our ECOWAS neighbors.

Our Social Responsibility Programs:

These include providing Javelin to schools for free, paying school fees poor children in the communities where we install our wireless repeaters, providing free Internet access for schools, providing reading materials for schools, facilitating used computer donations to schools, providing play kits for schools and organizing reading clubs for children.


Major Achievements:

1. First and only private company to build independent nation-wide wireless data backbone in Ghana.

2. Javelin honored as Laureate at Tech Museum of Innovation 2006, San Jose, California, USA, as technology benefiting mankind.

3. Selected as local partners in Ghana for on-line tracking of NASA's GOES-N satellite launch in May, 2005.

4. Selected as partners with University of California, Berkeley, for deployment of Long Distance WiFi technology in Technology Infrastructure for Emerging Regions (TIER) project.