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   Key Features

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Blink Nano Wireless Data Modem



















BLINK - Wireless Bridge Solutions for Internet and Wide Area Networks (WAN) for Multiple Branch Connectivity


"We relied solely on Blink™ wireless modems assembled in Ghana’s FreeZone by Arrow Network Systems to transmit all CAN2008 matches to our Internet uplink at all stadia and press centers throughout the tournament period.  We use Blink™ and have found them very reliable.”  Mr. Ato Sarpong, Managing Director, Africa Online Ltd., Official Internet Service Provider for the Ghana 2008 Soccer Tournament.


Blink™ is WiFi Data Radio assembled in Ghana’s Free Zone for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint wireless connectivity for Internet access, local area networking and wide area networks for remote data processing.


Want to Buy, Request for Installation or be a Partner in your country: Send mail to: blink@arrownetworks.net or Call +233-244-33-1681/2/3/5/8


Key Features

  • Wireless WAN compliant with IEEE 802.11 standards.

  • Customized for outdoor installation in tropical climate.

  • Optimized for indoor wireless local area network and medium to long distances, up to 50km.

  • Throughput: up to 300 Mbps.

  • Each device may be configured to act as any part of the network (end client, access point, peer-to-peer bridge and repeater).

  • Software (Mikrotik® RouterOS, Ubiquity AirOS) supports all standard ISP requirements (account management, individual limits, FUP limits, RIP, OSPF, BGP, Web Admin, etc.  See www.mikrotik.com for details).

  • Both 2.4 and 5.2-5.8 GHz bands supported, including dualband devices.

  • Assembled locally on-demand in configurations defined by customer needs.

  • PoE power supply interface (with optional 24hour battery backup).


Why Buy Blink?

  • Cost effective solution.

  • Flexible WAN topology – mixture of point-point and multipoint configurations, including creating HotSpots and Mobile Data (Roaming).

  • IP - NAT, Routing, DHCP.

  • Security - Firewall, Secure Tunnels with WEP/WPA/WPA2

  • Control - Queues, Proxy, Accounting, HotSpot.

  • Fast and simple installation for base station and clients.

  • Local (or regional) purchase of any quantity, short delivery times with local warranty.


SomeConfigurations (You may send mail to blink@arrownetworks.net describing

  your need and receive free configuration advice)

Blink Nano Wireless Data Modem

A:   2.4 and 5GHz, RF power 22-26dBm, integrated 10-14dBi antenna gain.

       Coverage distance 5km; increase coverage to 15km with optional booster. 

       Throughput: up to 54mbps.  Mesh capable; works as both Access Point and

       end client.

       With $150 entry-point price (terms apply), this group of devices are low

       cost, low end product line and offer practical, reliable, secure and standards

       based solutions to several applications in Internet, WAN and LAN

       connectivity.  With 60degrees coverage, it may be used to provide roaming

       indoor WiFi HotSpot coverage.  Easy web interface set up.


        B:   2.4 GHz, RF power 17dBm, 10dB flat antenna.

             Low end of the product line, recommended for end client or access point

             for up to 5km.



       C:   5.4 GHz, RF power 17dBm, 24dB lightweight dish antenna. 

             Long distance client or peer of backbone bridge, up to 20km.


               A+B may be combined into one dual-band device (one box, one PoE,

                      two antennas) to act as a 2.4 AP with a 5.4 backbone connection.


         D:  5.4 GHz, RF power 26dBm, 26dB dish antenna

             Long distance peer of backbone bridge, up to 50km.



E:  Indoor WiFi

         2.4 - 2.5GHz, with 9dBi antenna gain with omni coverage.

         Typical use is internal distribution of signal to extend Internet

         coverage to all areas and different floors of an office.  May also be

         used in place of a wired local area network (LAN).

          F:  Outdoor WiFi

                     5.4 GHz, RF power 17dBm, 12dB omni-directional antenna.

                     Typical access point configuration for Outdoor WiFi installation.



Download Blink QuickSetUpGuide

Low End Enterprise Router

Low Cost 4-port Router.  A low end enterprise router, suitable for core functions in a small to medium sized ISP, and certainly more than adequate for any edge routing function at any client site on a WAN.  Supports MOST known protocols, has EVERYTHING you need in a router.

Licensed Frequency Radios

A:  The Morse MRxxx series radios operate on licensed VHF and UHF frequencies within 135MHz - 870MHz.  They are radio routers with high-end intelligence, suitable for point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, multipoint-to-multipoint and mobile data networks.  Data rate is upto 200kbps over a coverage range of upto 150km with non-line-of-sight capability within 30kms.  Thousands of modems installed in over 50 countries on all continents for:

  • Transaction networks – point of sale payment systems (ATM, credit/debit cards), lottery systems.

  • Telemetry & SCADA - water, gas & power supply monitoring, crude oil production, coal mining, etc.

  • Mobile networks - monitoring and management of city transport vehicles, taxis, rescue service vehicles, trains, ships, etc.

  • Security & Surveillance.

  • IP networks – backbone networks in inaccessible areas, last mile of fast connections.

  • Internet access – for underserved communities lacking developed infrastructure

B:  The Morse RExxx radio is a Software Defined Radio with a wide tuning range, programmable channel spacing, fully transparent protocol and configurable over the Internet.  The RExxx series is a modern digital solution of the radio part of the radio modem.  Performance and characteristics are similar to their MRxxx cousins, and operate on VHF frequencies in the 135MHz - 470MHz range.  Unlike the MRxxx, they are primarily designed for smaller networks and applications in which security of transmission and access to the radio channel are resolved within the application.


C:  The Morse Blink Microwave radio series operate on licensed microwave frequencies in the 4GHz - 18GHz range.  These are line of sight radios with a range of up to 50km.  Throughput is up to 300mbps full duplex, synchronous with low jitter.  Some channels may be allocated to provide dedicated G.703 E1 channels.