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Summary of Products and Services


1.  Sale of locally assembled Wireless Data Modems for licensed and unlicensed radios, through Racom's Morse

     Narrowband Radios and Blink broadband WiFi radios.  Typical frequency ranges are 146-180; 200-230; 335-390,

     400-493 MHz, 2.4GHz, 4-5.8GHz and 10-14GHz, assembled to order.


2.  We build and maintain private Wide Area Networks (WAN) in West Africa, using:

     a. Non-Line-Of-Sight Wireless Narrowband Technologies for point-of-sale & payment systems (ATMs, debit/credit

         card, lotteries) and telemetry systems (oil/gas pipeline, water/electricity supply, weather, security monitoring)

     b. Wireless Broadband Technologies for Internet access and remote branch connectivity for banks and companies

         with multiple branches.


3.  Social Responsibility Program - Provide Internet and on-line educational resources to schools for free using our

     Javelin product.


As partners of Racom s.r.o. of the Czech Republic, an experienced wireless equipment manufacturer, Arrow sells locally assembled Narrowband and Broadband wireless network equipment (antennas, modems and routers) to network providers, companies and individuals, and provide them with technical support for installation and maintenance.  We also build private wide area networks and provide training and support in the design and maintenance of such networks.


Arrow builds nation-wide wide area networks with performance guarantees under penalty-based service level agreements (SLA) using wireless technologies. Frequencies employed are in the VHF and UHF bands as well as microwave and ISM frequencies for 802.11 devices. Typical frequency ranges are:

Non-line-of-sight - 146-180; 200-230; 335-390, 400-493 MHz;  Line-of-sight - 2.4GHz, 4-5.8GHz and 10-14GHz. 

We assemble data modems in these frequency ranges to a client's order.


Areas of application include networks for corporate branch offices, Auto Teller Machines, point-of-sale systems, debit and credit card systems, fleet tracking, remote sensor data gathering, oil/gas pipeline monitoring, weather, security networks and low cost Internet access to under-served communities (through our Javelin social responsibility program).


The main technology used is a packet switched-based technology, the Morse®, developed by Racom s.r.o. of the Czech Republic. Morse is a proven technology with more than a decade in product development and deployment history. Racom's Morse technology has widespread usage in over 50 countries, including Austria, Bosnia Hercegovina, Brunei, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Mexico, Mongolia, Nigeria, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, Sudan, Sweden, UAE, Ukraine, USA, Yemen, Columbia, Switzerland, Pakistan, Croatia, Malaysia, and Vietnam for water, gas and oil distribution systems, on-line Bank branch applications, remote sensing and point-of-sale applications. The technology provides both fixed and mobile data networks over distances up to 150km (in a single hop) with very high resilience and reliability.  Within the first 30km, Morse radios operate satisfactorily without line of sight hence does not require masts to deploy.  This is one reason why the Morse radio is found very ideal for large scale Point-Of-Sale and Payment Systems networks.


We provide wireless 'leased line'-type dedicated connections between client data central sites, head office or data centers and all designated branches, sites or locations throughout the country. Existing country infrastructure, if found usable, is utilized to provide backbone links, otherwise, Arrow creates its own independent national infrastructure. The connection speed to each branch, site or location could be as little as 1kbps and as high as 100mbps, in multiples of 8mbps. The network is scalable from less than 10 to over 1 million branch connections, providing synchronous/asynchronous serial connections as well as Ethernet IP connections at each location. Secure connections, 100% error-free transmission, and 99% network availability are among the excellent features of our networks. One key feature of our network is that it is built as a self-healing meshed network, with each node on the network enabled with at least two alternate transmission paths to provide inherent high network resilience - this is why Arrow guarantees high network availability with performance penalties. The technology was designed with standby batteries that enable the radios to operate, at full charge, up to twenty-four (24) hours without regular electricity supply. The network is centrally managed from anywhere on the network using any industry-standard network management tool, or with RANEC, Racom's proprietary GIS (geographical information system) and GUI-based management software that provides several useful diagnostic tools for remote monitoring and maintenance.   


Our newest addition in the Narrowband range is the Morse RE400, a software-defined radio which provides transparent radio links with no protocol imposed.

Morse Technology – Areas of typical application