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Current Projects:


   Assembly of Modems in Ghana's Free  Zone.

Arrow, with the active assistance of Racom, our partners and principals, is currently assembling both licensed and unlicensed data radios in Ghana for the African market. 

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  Independent wireless backbone in Ghana.

As part of the free zones program, Arrow is building an independent data backbone throughout Ghana.  We are using a combination of radio technologies to build a reliable and cost-effective backbone.  This is aimed at increasing the choice of wide area network connectivity options for users in Ghana.  We are building this backbone with skills and investments from Racom.  It is our aim to develop local expertise through this project to enable us extend these technologies to other nations in Africa, beginning with our ECOWAS neighbors.


   Wide Area Networks (WAN) for Banks in Ghana.

Arrow is already offering wide area network connectivity for major banks in the country over our private backbone.  Long distance "last-mile" hops off the backbone are achieved with Morse UHF radios.  Shorter distance high speed hops are achieved with our Blink radios.  We use licensed frequencies mostly for such networks. Uptime of these links exceed 98%

despite power and several other local challenges.


   Customs Clearing WAN for government of Ghana.

Also over our private and independent backbone, government links have been installed for customs clearing from long distance border posts.  Both Morse and Blink radios are used for long distance and high speed "last-mile" hops, respectively. We have also installed several inner city wireless connections for business-to-government linkages as part of Ghana's e-governance project.  These allow several businesses and agencies to have on-line connections to government databases to facilitate a more efficient and easier customs clearing from the ports.


   Point-of-Sale WAN for Department of Lotteries.

The unique capabilities of the Morse radio make it ideal for building large scale non-line-of-sight networks suitable for point-of-sale and payment systems.  We are therefore building and maintaining a nation-wide POS network for on-line lotteries and gaming for the Ghana government, through Simnet, Ghana, Ltd.


   WAN in Nigeria and Sierra Leone.

We have already begun the export of technology and expertise to Nigeria and Sierra Leone.  We have provided connectivity using our Morse radio for a number of banks in Nigeria.  We have also used our Blink radios to build the first wide area network for the government of Sierra Leone in a World Bank project to interconnect government ministries, departments and agencies.


   Javelin – Free Internet access for schools using narrowband radios.

With the advantage of the long distance reach of our Morse UHF radios, yet with little bandwidth, we developed Javelin, an open source software which mirrors educational websites which we host on school campuses for students and staff who otherwise have no access to the Internet.  We also scan essential textbooks onto the Javelin server for students and staff

access in the school.  Javelin also makes it possible for students and staff to send and receive e-mails.  Due to the long distance reach of the Morse UHF/VHF radios, Javelin may be installed practically anywhere in the country so that students in remote locations do not get left out in access to Internet resources.  Click here for more details.